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Co-Principal Trumpet

John,….Thanks for the help. The trumpet is a lot less difficult with your approach. It seems like playing well isn’t such a lucky feeling anymore. Bill Theis, co-principal trumpet Malaysian Philharmaonic...

Professor of Music and Multimedia

John Henes is a terrific Alexander teacher! His teaching has influenced me positively in many ways. I credit him with freeing up my conducting and with giving me a rich vocabulary with which to work when I encourage my singers and players to use their bodies properly...

Creative Director

I’m amazed at how the technique changes one’s perspective on comfort. People who’ve never had a lesson look at the chair and think “iron mama,” while those who’ve had lessons look forward to “the chair” and generally,...

Professor of Horn

John Henes has shown me how to incorporate the principals of the Alexander Technique into my playing. As a result, my sound is freer and more resonant. Gail Williams,  Northwestern University Former Associate Principal Horn, Chicago Symphony

Former Tennis Pro

The Alexander Technique has helped my physical movements be more efficient and fluid, both on the tennis court and off. Fuad Sulayman Former Touring Tennis Professional