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Frequently Asked Questions About the Alexander Technique

 What brings most people to the Alexander Technique?

Many people come to the Technique because of physical problems: back, neck or shoulder pain, RSI, stress, vocal or breathing disorders to name a few, but others learn the Technique because of a curiosity about themselves and a desire for personal development. My students have ranged in age from 8 to 80.


Can I learn the Technique on my own?

Habits are, by their nature, unconscious. Though you may try to effect changes by yourself, it takes the trained eyes and hands of a teacher to help you perceive and change your ingrained patterns. The training course for teachers of the Alexander Technique is three years, with a minimum of 1,600 hours of class time.


How long does it take? What does it cost?

Duration of study depends on your initial condition and personal goals. A recommended course is about 30 private lessons, although some people take fewer than that. Most students take half-hour lessons, which cost $65. I also teach hour-long lessons for $110. The success of the work depends on how you use what you learn. The goal is to help you use yourself more efficiently and healthfully in all of your activities. The Alexander Technique offers you a gentle way to improve the way you use yourself no matter what you’re doing, each day, throughout the course of your life.


Is the Alexander Technique considered a medical therapy?

Though it has therapeutic benefits, the Technique is not a treatment such as chiropractic or massage. It is something you learn to do on your own, but it is not a set of exercises or postures. Instead, it is a method for noticing your movement patterns and changing those that get in your way.

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