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What My Students Say

John Henes has been a friend and guiding influence to me for almost 40 years. His patience and wisdom set a template for me that to this day I try to follow. His hands-on teaching of the Alexander Technique was the first life-changing therapeutic touch I ever experienced. His teaching is masterful. Thank you for all that you do for so many of us, John.

Dave Monette

Dave Monette

Craftsman and Trumpet player, Monette Trumpets

John Henes is among the finest Teachers of the Alexander Technique working today. His Alexander teaching is pure, practical and transformational. He teaches with heart, wit and unparalleled skill. If  you seek improvement in performance, relief from musculoskeletal discomfort, improvement in breathing or improvement in living, John’s teaching will address your needs and interests.
Lori Schiff, M.AmSAT

Teacher of the Alexander Technique, The Juilliard School Aspen Music Festival and School Internationale Meistersinger Akademie

John Henes has shown me how to incorporate the principals of the Alexander Technique into my playing. As a result, my sound is freer and more resonant.
Gail Williams

Professor of Horn, Northwestern University, Former Associate Principal Horn, Chicago Symphony

John Henes and the Alexander Technique transformed my life. I came to him with chronic, intermittent back pain. No amount of stretching or exercise would improve it for very long. I thought it was just a symptom of getting older, since I had no injuries. John’s instruction helped teach me the correct way to move, improve my posture and breathing, and release unconscious tension. The pain is now gone. The skills he imparted have stayed with me. John truly has a wonderful skill and “magic hands”!
Pat Vogt

Owner, Pat Vogt Design

With herniated disks and pinched nerves aggravating me and affecting the quality of my life, I needed to find a new way to manage pain. John taught me how to improve my awareness of posture and stance using the Alexander Technique to help control and prevent flare-ups.With his help, and some simple exercises, I’m in a much better place.
Jim Struthers

Nonprofit Development Executive

One day I saw a video of myself playing my oboe, and saw that I had terrible posture. At the same time, I wasn’t happy with my sound production. I decided to take Alexander lessons from John Henes. Not only did my oboe playing improve, but my lower back pain went away. I wish I’d studied the Technique a lot sooner.
Bob Morgan

Oboe and English Horn Player, Chicago Lyric Opera Orchestra

The Alexander Technique has helped my physical movements be more efficient and fluid, both on the tennis court and off.
Fuad Sulayman

Former Touring Tennis Professional

John Henes is a terrific Alexander teacher! His teaching has influenced me positively in many ways. I credit him with freeing up my conducting and with giving me a rich vocabulary with which to work when I encourage my singers and players to use their bodies properly in the quest for artistic expression. Also, I’m thankful to him daily when I work at my computer, because I’m able to sit, type, and “mouse” in a manner which does not induce stress, tension, or pain. Many of my “techie” colleagues complain about these problems all of the time. I thank John Henes and his teaching for enabling me to work (and play) in a natural way…
Jim Lucas

Professor of Music and Multimedia, Northeastern Illinois University, Chicago

I’m amazed at how the technique changes one’s perspective on comfort. People who’ve never had a lesson look at the chair and think “iron mama,” while those who’ve had lessons look forward to “the chair” and generally, tend to find simple, firm seating more accommodating than the cushy, misshapen stuff that once passed for comfort.

The Technique enables me to enjoy my favorite activities – lap swimming, flute playing, computer illustration – as often as I like, without pain. I have more energy overall, sleep better, and can control my reaction to stressful situations. I recommend John and the Technique to anyone and everyone.

Lynne Lasser

Principal, Lynne Lasser creative communications

John, Thanks for the help. The trumpet is a lot less difficult with your approach. It seems like playing well isn’t such a lucky feeling anymore.
Bill Theis

Co-principal Trumpet, Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra