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In May, John Henes presented master classes in the Alexander Technique applied to musical performance for the Music Teacher.s Association of California, Orange county Branch and for students at Chapman University. The following is a quote from the Music Teacher.s Association of California June newsletter. “Our featured clinician was John Henes, a specialist in the Alexander Technique and a faculty member of the Northwestern School of Music. .. Mr. Henes proved to be a gentle, effective teacher and it is easy to see why he is considered amongst the top in the field. It was especially delightful to watch him work with our talented students….”

In April, John gave several master classes for the Tennessee Tech University Music School. John worked with vocal, piano, wind, percussion, and string players. He also did a special master class with all of the students in Charlie Decker.s trumpet studio.

You can watch an interview with Dave Monette and John by going to: